How to install WordPress in 5 minutes with DesktopServer Creating a wordpress website

How to install WordPress in 5 minutes with DesktopServer Creating a wordpress website

Setting up a localhost environment for WordPress can save you a lot of time if you test themes and plugins regularly and with DesktopServer. It may take just 5 minutes for WordPress to run on your local machine.

In this article, I will introduce how to set up. DesktopServer limited version on OS X

What is DesktopServer?

DesktopServer By allows you to create Numerous “virtual servers” for developing and testing themes and plugins. Each of these servers is created on your computer and can be accessed from your browser by the name it generates.

Installing DesktopServer

Start to the website and Download DesktopServer.

Desktop Server file is 177MB. Once downloaded, install it. DesktopServer Just like any other software on OS X

Once installed, open DesktopServer You will then be asked to select a product. Select “New DesktopServer Limited Installation”.

Then DesktopServer It will go through the installation and ask you to close the installer.

The software will then prompt you to restart to be able to run as administrator and create, edit, start and stop web services. Make sure “Yes” is selected and click “Next”.

You will then be prompted to start Apache and MySQL services to run WordPress. Select “Yes” and click “Next”.

DesktopServer now It is ready to use, you will be asked if you want to create a new developer website. Select the third option and click “Next”.

Under Site Name, enter a fictional name for your site. Can be anything you want

In the Blueprint section, select the latest version of WordPress.If it’s not available, you can manually add it to the list by downloading the latest version of WordPress and placing it in the folder at Applications / XAMPP / blueprints on your Mac.The latest version of WordPress should now. Appears in your list. Click “Create” to continue creating a new site.

DesktopServer It will create a new WordPress installation.Once done, you will be prompted to the settings page on your newly created site.

The last step is to complete the WordPress installation of the name you want. Fill in your details and click “Install WordPress”.

Your new WordPress installation will now be available at your Localhost web address, in which case the site can be accessed at