Choosing Hosting for creating a website WORDPRESS

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Choosing Hosting for  creating a website WORDPRESS

Hosting is an area used to store photos, data, files to display our website. Will be compared to a store location We have to go and rent them.

There are many types of hosts. But will introduce the main types Commonly used with creating a website WORDPRESS  is the most common today.

1. Share Hosting

This type of host is the most popular. Because the price is very affordable And get a quite powerful machine But the disadvantage of this type of host follows the name Is the sharing of resources between multiple websites Web on the same server This often causes problems in scrambling to use memory, CPU resources. If the host is poorly managed, it may cause our website to slow or crash. Hosts of this type therefore may crash some websites if the system sees that our site is consuming too much resources. In order to prevent them from affecting other websites In the same server Some may be limited to the amount of bandwidth. But even if I say Unlimited, but if we use it because of some plugins or themes. May cause the service provider to suspend use of our host Solving the problem may be upgraded to a more expensive model. In the event that a server is vulnerable, punctured or infected by a virus, it may infect the web server with a virus.

Share Hosting often comes with the popular DirectAdmin or cPanel Control Panel, and most of them can automatically install WordPress.


  • Inexpensive, mostly for annual usage.
  • There is a Control Panel for ease of use.
  • Server administrator for Help in case of problems
  • No need for server configuration knowledge.


  • Is a sharing of the use of resources with other websites Making it possible to be affected together
  • Many of them have a pre-configured server configuration for general use. May not be able to change some systems for our website only.
  • Various updates Have to wait for the service provider to do so only Which often change for both servers Making it impossible to adjust frequently

2. VPS Cloud hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a type of hosting that simulates a private server for us to use. By bringing a server to install a program that allows virtual allocation of resources to children for each customer to rent. But instead of bringing a single server to split into multiple clients, Cloud Hosting uses multiple servers. The machines connect to each other and allocate resources into multiple VPS clients. This kind of server has a huge advantage in case if one server is damaged. The system still works. Because it is a connection to multiple servers Machine together thus making use of other machines’ power Can continue to work Therefore, it is like a cloud that is caused by the evaporation of more water droplets into the sky all the time.


  • Extremely flexible and easy to adjust to the desired server specification.
  • Very affordable Because it is a large server farm to share and sell, thus making the price lower.
  • You can choose the location or the location of the server in many places around the world. This is because the website will load faster when it is closest to our target audience.


  • Most of them are foreign services that are big owners. Which makes it cheap There are not many Thai people. (But there are Thai companies that bring the area of ​​the foreign Cloud to serve as a host for Thais as well)

As Cloud Hosting usually has an API available. Many providers now have systems that allow us to automatically install and configure their servers, as well as install WordPress. Which allows us to easily use all popular Cloud Hosting Without the need to have knowledge to install any server such as Cloudways, ServerPilot, etc.

Recommended  : DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud, Linode, Vultr, Kyup.

  • Cloudways is very easy to install and use WordPress on Cloud Hosting above. Using Cloudways with DigitalOcean.
  • ServerPilot can install WordPress on any cloud hosting for free, only if you want to use SSL, you have to switch to the $ 10 plan, the rest, depending on which Cloud Hosting we use, the price will be paid separately at the service provider. DigitalOcean

3. WordPress hosting

WordPress Hosting or Manage WordPress Hosting can be either Share Hosting or VPS / Cloud Hosting, the main purpose of this type of Hosting is to customize and set up the server to use WordPress well. Such as using newer PHP versions, installing various caching systems So that the web can receive a lot of traffic And work faster. WordPress Hosting in Thailand is also a Share Hosting that is customized for WordPress use and is still used in conjunction with the Control Panel like DirectAdmin as before. A dedicated system, including various control panels, were developed specifically for WordPress, which makes it even easier to use.


  • A system optimized for WordPress
  • There is a custom developed control panel for WordPress that is easy to use.
  • Built-in additional functions such as caching system, CDN, Staging site, etc.
  • There is a professional WordPress support directly available to help.


  • More expensive than regular hosting, both Share Hosting and VPS
  • There aren’t many service providers yet.

Recommended  : Siteground, Kinsta, Flywheel, WPEngine.